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permenant open post

1. choose a muse 2. idk let's do something
3. that's not how the force works
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[It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing and flowers are beginning to bloom.

The world, however, is different from Alisha's own. This is a realm between realms, and one that has established a rather expansive organization. The people here are employed by this agency, which is dedicated to protecting the multiverse.

Asemu, meanwhile, is a brand-new recruit. After exploring his new home for a while, he decides to take a break, and the park they're in is as good a place as any. He spots a space on a nearby bench -- which is where Alisha is currently seated. Well, might as well try to get to know someone new. When he approaches, he smiles a bit nervously.]

Um, hey. Mind if I take a seat here?
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[Despite the day, and her surroundings, Alisha's thoughts are elsewhere. Not just somewhere far off, but somewhere specific; her thoughts wander back to Glenwood, to Hyland, to her people, even as she sits somewhere else far, far away.

It was her choice to come here, yes. It is what Sorey would want her to do- no, what she herself wanted to do. But she'd barely seen Hyland and Rolance through their peace treaties, and if they were to find out about this, to know where she was going, as of late-]


[Thoughts, interrupted. Alisha blinks, words catching up with the absentminded, and shakes her head.] No, not at all. By all means, make yourself comfortable. [She shuffles sideways - though it's barely more than a couple of inches and laces her hands on her lap.]
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[Asemu plops down on the bench and looks around at the surroundings for a bit. Then he turns his attention back to Alisha.]

I just got here, so I've been on my feet all day. Feels good to get off of them for a little while. Have you been here long?
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[Ah, yes. She figured as much; first-timers often stick-out, to be blunt. It's a coarse phrasing, but, it's true.] Not too long, but I've journeyed back and forth a fair few times. Enough to be used to it, at least.
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You have, huh? What sort of places have you seen?

[He's very curious about this place right now, which probably contributes to his Obvious Newbie status. By the same token, who wouldn't be curious about other universes existing?]